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How to promote an event?

reMarketing lets you reach people who have previously visited your site without buying anything. reMarketing helps you reconnect with these potential customers by showing them your conference ads. It is a powerful targeted advertising service to remind them about your event so they return to your site to complete a purchase.

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Bring them back Event marketing

Are attendees leaving your site without buying anything? Bring them back with reMarketing! Say goodbye to shopping cart abandonment and empty CTRs (click through rates); with reMarketing, you’ll never have to look at a potential customer again and say that they’re "the one that got away."

How reMarketing works

Known as one of the most effective forms of advertising on the web, reMarketing enables you to reach people that have expressed interest in your event without completing a purchase. For instance, when a potential customer visits your website but doesn’t buy anything, the reMarketing technology will tag that person’s computer and add an anonymous cookie into their browser. This system will then "reMarket" your products and services by displaying ads for your site even if that user is browsing other web pages.

Whether they’re checking their email, watching a video, or reading an article, users will see your ad reminding them to complete their purchase.

To implement your reMarketing campaign, code will be added to all your websites and our registration and housing sites. This will then enable the technology to start tagging users and your ads will be displayed across our vast publisher network.

Why choose cross channel reMarketing?

Since ads are only shown to attendees who have previously visited, people who see them are more likely to convert simply because they are already familiar with products being advertised. Think of it as giving customers a friendly reminder that they have unfinished business on your website.

A lot of attendees abandon their shopping carts because they’re distracted, unsure, or are having time constraints. Often, attendees that leave without buying are simply “on the fence” about going to your event. Don’t let these attendees get away. Use reMarketing to reel window shoppers back in, and turn them into attendees.

Moreover, reMarketing strikes the perfect balance between conspicuous and unobtrusive. They are displayed on multiple web pages to ensure that attendees don’t miss the ads, BUT unlike annoying pop-ups, they seamlessly integrate with the webpage to ensure that the user’s browsing experience isn’t disrupted.

Fully customizable

Worried about creeping out attendees or turning them off? Don’t be. Advertisers are in full control of the reMarketing technology, and you’ll be able to set the frequency of your ads. Simply set a cap on how often your ads will appear, to avoid looking like a stalker.

You can also add some variety to your ads so that customers won’t have to see the exact same ads over and over again. NXG Events allows you to upload multiple creatives and ad types in all shapes and sizes to ensure that you’ll have a dynamic ad campaign.

Completely safe and private

Those with privacy concerns have nothing to worry about. reMarketing uses anonymous cookies to ensure that no personal or identifiable data is collected. Additionally, these cookies can easily be removed by clearing a browser’s stored data and history.

Why buy your reMarketing ads from NXG Events?

NXG Events has access to the only ad network that gives you a comprehensive reMarketing package. Thanks to our Cross Channel reMarketing technology, event planners will be able to reach attendees and exhibitors across various channels and platforms, including email, search, mobile, display, video, and more.

Unlike other ad networks that can only reach users through limited channels, NXG Events can let you tap into just about every corner of the web. We can complement your SEO, social media, email, and display efforts to ensure that you’ll be able to effectively get in front of your target customers.

Some of the reMarketing services offered

Facebook exchange

reMarketing on the Facebook Exchange lets you stay in front of your bounced traffic while they’re on Facebook. Reach your audience on the world’s most popular social network!

Dynamic reMarketing

Our dynamic reMarketing solution uses advanced behavioral data about your users to show them ads for the products they’re most likely to be interested in.

CRM reMarketing

CRM (customer relationship management) reMarketing allows you to serve display ads to people with nothing more than an email or mailing address. Bridge the offline-online gap that currently exists in your marketing efforts and magnifying the power of your mailing lists.

Email reMarketing

Get more out of email marketing by serving retargeted display ads to anyone who opens your emails.

Search reMarketing

Search reMarketing is a highly effective top of funnel solution that allows you to target ads based on search behavior. Show ads only to people who are in-market and already looking for information on your company, your industry, or your event.

Short tag reMarketing

Magnify the power of social media with our powerful link shortener that allows you to serve ads to anyone who clicks on a shortened link, no matter where you share it.

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