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NXG Events provides a smooth hotel reservation system to your attendees, exhibitors, and VIP guests. We gladly work with hoteliers on your behalf to handle event hotel management.

hotel booking system

People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. Our hotel reservations software lets mobile consumers make their housing transactions on their tablets and smartphones with ease.
We offer to combine registration and housing into one process. Event registrants can check out and pay for both registration and housing reservation in one easy transaction. Our integrated system recognizes attendees who have registered but have not yet reserved their rooms and attendees who have reserved their rooms but not yet registered. Custom email messages can be sent to remind those attendees to complete the other transactions.
We can generate a hotel contract or review your contract. We look into all details to ensure a fair agreement that covers your meeting arrangements. We can work with you to determine your room-night pattern and the types of rooms needed each night by using the total number of attendees from the previous year and factor in a percentage based on this year’s situation. We can negotiate attrition percentage, cut-off date, complimentary room nights, suite upgrades, discount staff room rate, complimentary amenities, and concessions. Building hotel block and negotiation is easier with detailed records from the past shows. We will diligently analyze your group’s history and pick-up reports to suggest the best options for you.

We can perform trend analysis , create the proper mix of hotels and room types, manage inventory for attendees, exhibitors, staff, VIP’s, speakers, etc. We also encourage event registrants to book within the block by working with you to offer various incentives.

  • Guarantee the lowest rate
  • Offer registration discounts for reserving hotel rooms within the block
  • Introduce hotel giveaways, restaurant & amenity discounts, resort fee exempt, etc. for attendees who book within the block
  • Send email alerts to attendees who have registered for the conference but not yet booked the rooms with us to complete their hotel reservations within our block
  • Incent exhibitors with complimentary badges and events such as breakfasts, luncheons, free sessions, etc.
We have real-time hotel inventory reporting to monitor daily room night sales. Our dedicated housing director reallocates inventories between sub-blocks, works with hoteliers to add more rooms to increase sales or return rooms to avoid attrition fees. Accurate inventory monitor, trend analysis from history reports, and inventory pick-up forecast are the keys for us to manage hotel inventories and maximize occupancy.

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